Schedule International Summmer University


  • Wind Energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermics
  • Energy Efficiency in Electric Drives
  • Climate Change and Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency of Power Trasformers
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

Many sustainable energy technologies are possible today due to the advancements in power electronics. Power electronics topologies make energy conversion and consumption cost effective today. Power electronics topologies also help efficient transfer of electrical energy stored in a battery to the wheels of an electric vehicle. The purpose of this module is to show students how to develop an energy efficient motor drive using commercially available components while considering design criteria for maximum energy efficiency. The lecture topics include the following:

  • Components of an electric drive
  • Design consideration
  • Component selection
  • Efficiency measurement
  • Circuit construction
  • Testing
  • Applying a drive to a real world: three-wheeler experiment

Regional Geography, History and Economy

  • regional geography
  • historical development in Europe and in Germany: Roman empire, medieval period, reformation, 30-years war, Napoleon, 
    industrialisation 1830 – 1914, first / second world war, recent history, reuniting Germany 1989, european union
  • Industrialization in the region: mining in Harz mountains, regional industry, Volkswagen, electronic companies
  • excursions to Braunschweig, Goslar, Wolfsburg, Hamburg City
  • company visits at Volkswagen, Airbus Industry, Brewery