Bachelor Computer Science (Computer professional)

Computer professional (= Bachelor Computer Science)


The information society needs educated people. In mobile phones, cars, aircrafts and even washing machines, the use of computers is growing. A "simple" car needs more than 60 control systems, an ordinary cell phone needs 3 to 4 information processors. Whether it is a factory business or a private family, no computer is unthinkable. This is inseparably linked to the efforts of computer engineers. Overall this is a very professional career.

  1. Our computer major takes three years, two semesters each year.
  2. The traditional class form is a big lesson.
  3. Examination is generally carried out at the end of the period, in form of verbal, written test, family essays and reports and so on.
  4. As graduation, you will receive a bachelor's degree


One characteristic of the Department of Computer Science is the in-depth study and experimental elaboration of key points in the basic stage. At the basic stage it is mainly to learn and consolidate the basic knowledge of computer science, such as mathematics, programming and computer hardware. In the deepening stage there is an independent choice between computer science fields.

The professional will provide you with the five deepening courses (=concentrations).

Term setting:

Divided into winter semester (first semester) and spring semester (lower semester)


     Full day: 6 semesters
     Dual system: 7 semesters
     Part-time: 12 semesters

Learning costs:

The costs per semester are about 340 euros


College entrance qualification (college entrance examination)


Bachelor Business Informatics

Bachelor in Business Computer Science

Many globally shared business processes are inconceivable without supporting information technology (IT) oriented to economic processes. Applications range from automation of business- oriented processes, e.g. in production, to decision-making preparation for management tasks.

Economic computer scientists develop the architectures for these modern information systems that support results-oriented business processes, indeed make them possible in the first place for many aspects of Internet commerce.

The principle campus is Wolfenbüttel; for the business concentration there is, however, a cooperative agreement with the Economics Department in Wolfsburg. Block or weekday schedules can also include coursework there.

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

  • Full-time 6 semester regular course of study;
  • Fall/Winter start only;
  • Admission requires Certification of German university entrance qualification;
  • The major has restrictive admission;
  • No pre-internship required.

Master Computer Science

Master in Computer Science

ou can earn a Master’s Degree in Computer Science in two years at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel and begin a career in the planning-organizational areas of businesses and research institutions.

Fundamentals for successful completion of the Master are taught in a core curriculum that includes elements from software engineering and computer engineering.

In parallel three interest-based concentrations are offered:

  • Information Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems & Computer Engineering

Instructional and learning activities in the Master curriculum are concentrated principally in the latter half of the week and on weekends, which allows for moderate career activity, e.g. on Mondays or Tuesdays. In many cases employment opportunities in Computer Science departmental research and development projects are available to outstanding candidates.

In addition the Master course of study prepares for continuing educational qualification and independent further education in the form of doctoral studies and offers access to senior civil service careers in the public service sector.

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

  • Full-time 4 semester regular course of study.
  • Part-time 7 semester course of study.
  • Fall/Winter start; Spring/Summer semester if available.
  • Prerequisites


Application materials:

Contact us

Deadlines for degree seeking students are:

You can register before January 15 (spring semester) and July 15 (winter semester).

Deadlines for exchange students are:

May 31 st for the winter semester.
November 30 th for the summer semester.

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