Project opportunities in the Computer Science Department

Student activity groups offer students at Ostfalia University Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel on a voluntary basis the chance to work practically and to gain experience in interdisciplinary projects. To that end, the Computer Science Department offers the following project groups:

Artificial Intelligence (KI) Robocup-Team " WF Wolves"
The Ostfalia RoboCup Team “WF Wolves” belongs to the international RoboCup organization which has set itself the goal of using soccer robots to beat the reigning human soccer World Cup champions in 2050. The research focus here is on robotics, image processing, and artificial intelligence. Our team has twice already won the world championship in robot soccer tournaments dedicated to the RoboCup goal!

Ostfalia Cup
If you enjoy auto-controlled vehicles, you’re in the right place with the Ostfalia-Cup. You can immerse yourself in fields like artificial intelligence, sensor technology, image recognition, and simulation.

Linux AG

Linux AG offers anyone interested an insight into the world of Linux and regularly stands ready upon request to assist you in the installation of your new Ubuntu on your computer.

Elektronik AG – From Design to Circuit Board

The Elektronik AG offers students a chance to design and produce their own circuit boards. In addition to standard components, SMD-components can also be utilized. The required equipment (vacuum lighting, foam etching) is made available. Elektronik AG also produces the boards for a test conducted in the course, Basics of Computer Science Engineering.
Contact: Prof. D. Justen, Email: