Prof. Dr. Fabian Stancke hielt am 6.12.2018 einen Vortrag zu Thema "The Reform Debate on Competition Law 4.0“ an der Juristischen Fakultät der Péter-Pázmány-Universität in Budapest

  • 10.12.18 09:46
  • Anne Balkwitz

The market power of certain digital platforms and a critical examination of their corporate policies have prompted lawmakers and the responsible authorities to call for a reform of the existing framework of competition law.
Primarily, a tightening of competition law and stronger regulation are currently being discussed.

The question is whether decision-makers will opt for a regulative grip on businesses that, in the first place, will harm European undertakings, or for a market-oriented policy that allows for competitive self-regulation of markets, innovation and sustainable development.

Prof. Dr. Stancke discussed on invitation of Prof. Dr. Tihamér Tóth the question whether there are more market-oriented solutions to more regulation of digital champions when it comes to a reform of competition law.

The event was initiated and accompained by Nikolett Nemeth M.A.

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