Brunswick European Law School (BELS) welcomes you!

We at Brunswick European Law School (BELS) offer a wide range of research areas in five different institutes. We foster and nurture transnational academic exchange. Therefore we truly welcome visits of international academics. It is our aim to connect and build lasting mutually beneficial relationships between individuals and institutions in order to create new exciting and rewarding possibilities for all involved parties.

Our past international activities have included a broad set of formats in order to accommodate ours as well as our visitor’s needs. We are able to provide a wide range of Visiting Faculty Appointments such as Research Fellowships and are able to accommodate general research visits.

Also common at BELS are initial but then frequently recurring visits of academics holding one or more lectures.  In the past we also held joint excursions with other institutions to i.e. the UN in Geneva. Last but not least we are open to individual joint collaborations such as jointly organized international conferences.

If you are interested in starting a collaboration of any form with us please do fill out the form below and send it to

Anna-Theresia Krein, Assistant of the Dean


Prof. Dr. Winfried Huck, Dean

Form: Letter potential collaboration at BELS