BELS International Program 2018 - 7 May to 29 June

Available Courses:

Introduction to German Law

Lecturer: C. Schütz, Presiding District Court Judge

Description: tba.

Intellectual Property Law

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. jur. M. Pierson

Description: During the past decades globalization of the economy has increased the demand for an efficient IP Law system with effect in all parts of the world. In view of this demand and the increasing importance of legal competence in this field the lecture is intended to provide an overview of the possibilities for the protection of Intellectual Property. Students will know the functionality of the international protection system and will be able to make a most appropriate avail of the protection possibilities given by the international system of IP Law.

International Trade Law I: Foreign Trade Law

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. iur. A. Rogmann, LLM (Murdoch)

Description: Foreign trade law covers the rules to conduct trade between countries or groups of countries like the European Union. Core aspects of the lecture: Trade liberalisation and facilitation vs. trade restrictions (customs duties, quantitative restrictions, trade preferences, anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures), international and European export control law (Export Control Regimes, EU Dual-Use Regulation).

International Trade Law II: Customs Law

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. iur. A. Rogmann, LLM (Murdoch)

Description: Customs law is enacted to control import and export of goods to levy customs duties and to implement non-tariff trade restrictions. Core aspects of the lecture: International customs law (especially Revised Kyoto Convention, Harmonised System, WTO customs valuation rules), customs law of the European Union (legal sources, core elements of customs legislation, customs debt and customs procedures).

International Business Law

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. jur. T. Zech, LL.M. (Miami)

Description: The lecture will cover the following topics: international sales (CISG-rules), international (trade terms and their applications), international financing (financing of foreign trade, letters of credit).

International Tax Law

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. jur. T. Zech, LL.M. (Miami)

Description: This lecture will offer insights into taxation rights and tax duties, relief of double taxation (national laws, double tax treaties (coverage of double tax treaties, provisions of the OECD-MC, methods of avoidance of double taxation), tax avoidance and tax evasion (transfer Pricing, thin capitalization, CFC-rules, licence agreements).

Introduction to WTO Law

Lecturer: H. Prochno, LL.M.

Description: The course will provide an overview of the institutional and legal components of world trade law. The focus will be set on trade in goods under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The participants will gain insights into the core aspects of the WTO dispute settlement procedure and the most relevant WTO case law.

Consumer Behaviour

Lecturer: Dr. R. García León

Description: In the Consumer Behaviour lecture, the students will have a broad perspective about consumer behaviour in general, and about the analysis of consumption habits as a fundamental basis to make marketing and international investment decisions. Main topics of the lecture: Psychological Core, Social and Cultural Aspects, Process of Making Decisions and Global vs Local Consumer Behaviour.

International Business

Lecturer: Dr. R. García León

Description: In the International Business lecture, the students will be able to understand the dynamics of global business in a rapidly changing global economy. Main topics of the lecture: Driving Forces for International Business, International Business Environment, International Strategy Development and Foreign Market Entry Strategy.

The General Counsel/in-house counsel in a private enterprise: role, responsibilities and challenges

Lecturer: Jörg von Manger-Koenig

Description: This course will complete the International Program with insights into the work of the General Counsel/in-house counsel of a private stock-listed enterprise.

Based on practical cases the course will focus on the role of the General Counsel / in-house counsel, main fields of activities, key interfaces with external and internal stakeholder, selected topics like litigation matters, corporate law, governance and compliance, M&A.


German Intensive Course

Lecturer: N.N.

Description: tba.

Additional information:

  • All-English Courses
  • approx. 300 € administrative fees (incl. student ticket for public transport, accommodation and living expenses not included)
  • Access to English databases (Oxford Journals, Kluwer, etc.)
  • Tours of the city and region (e.g. Volkswagen Autostadt, Jägermeister factory, Wolfenbüttel/Brunswick city tour)
  • Insights into the German legal system (visit to the district court )
  • Applications are requested via email to, deadline: 31 January 2018
    You can find a list of all documents required for application here.
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