Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeranski veröffentlicht mit Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Sancak vom ZWIRN englischen Artikel zum Thema "Digitalisation of Financial Supervision with Supervisory Technology (SupTech)" im Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (JIBLR)

  • 24.08.20 09:28
  • Lisa Naumann

In der Ausgabe des Journal of International Banking Law & Regulation, Issue 8, 2020, pages 309-329, geht es um die Problematik der Digitalisierung der Aufsichtstechnologie, die auch im Fall Wirecard eine bedeutende Rolle spielt.


In this article, we discuss and analyse the main components of a digital financial supervisory system with supervisory technology (SupTech). This work offers a new SupTech definition and configures the digital pillars of a financial supervisory system. We contribute to the TECHs in Finance (FinTech, RegTech, SupTech) literature with two new concepts: “prudential supervisory disclosure” and “sustainable finance technology”, or SuFTech. This work also touches on real TECHs in Finance cases from several countries. We find that the May 6, 2010 market crash at the U.S. financial markets, one of the biggest FinTech crises, addresses the importance of having a well-functioning SupTech system. The case also points out that even a leading technology-producing country or a developed country faces unprecedented FinTech crashes or crises unless the country’s financial supervisors keep pace with technology and develop a well-functioning SupTech system.

Der Aufsatz ist gleichermaßen von Bedeutung für den neuen konsekutiven BELS-Masterstudiengang "Finance, Tax, and Company Law" sowie den neuen berufsbegleitenden komplett englischsprachigen Masterstudiengang "Sustainability and Risk Management".

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